Casino Bonuses – How to Get Free Bonus at Online Casino

There are many types of casino bonuses that are available to the player. One of the most popular types is the no-deposit bonus that is offered to the player when he signs up for an account. This is a kind of incentive that is provided to a new player who love to play the game of blackjack, roulette and slot machines.. This increases the chances of the player to play the casino game as there is no need for him/her to deposit a specific amount. The form of this kind of deposit generally varies from one game to another. This bonus is generally provided to first time players that are playing in the market. This encourages the player to play more and more.

Another widely known casino bonus is the reload bonus. This is a bonus that is provided to existing players at a casino poker room. This bonus is like a sign up bonus where the player is offered a specified percentage of payment that depends on the deposit made by the player. This amount again varies between the different casinos and it is generally 15-20% of the total deposit that is made by the player. It can typically go up to $100. This bonus is a kind of a marketing bonus in order to get the present players to deposit more money into the accounts that they have.

The high roller casino bonus is that bonus that is offered to those players who bet a lot of money in the game. This is like playing first class and everything makes the player feel like a VIP. The player is pampered and is treated exclusively too.

Another form of casino bonuses is the extra bonus. This is provided at specific casinos after the player reaches a specific amount of cash limit in his/her account. This is a way of rewarding the player for the money that they deposit in the site for playing. This amount also differs as per the casino game that is played and the type of the game as well.

The last form of bonus is called the referral cash bonus. This is provided by almost all of the online casinos on the site. This bonus gives the player a fixed amount when a friend or a referral of the player joins. There are some casinos that provide the player a fixed sum while there are others that provide the player with a percentage of the referral’s of the initial deposit.

The target of all the above bonuses that have been formulated to attract more and more players to casino gaming. As mentioned above these bonuses differ as per the site or casino blog. Reputed names generally provide the player with a host of generous bonuses so that the player stays with them.